POWER OF THE MOST HIGH: «Light kills the darkness…»

POWER OF THE MOST HIGHI had my ability to heal at all times. This is a gift from above- an integral part of my consciousness and being. As for a person, endowed with the gift to hear music, in order to become a musician it is necessary to learn the theory, then the years of practical training will bear their fruits, so for the healer it is not sufficient to be gifted, he/she needs a medical education, years of clinical observations.

The Healer of God must know his/her capabilities in order to fulfill his/her mission. «DO NO HARM» — the main commandment.

Over fifteen years ago I began my professional practice of parapsychologist in Russia. I have graduated from Medical Institute, University (historical-philological Dept.), carried out clinical studies, based on International diagnostic center in Haifa, Israel, for ten years. In my case I possess the Gift of healing, and I need some knowledge of medicine.

There is no secret that traditional medicine does not cure a number of serious illnesses that lead to a sad end… GOD IS RECTORAL – everyone can tell it, but do all speakers believe in this TRUTH? It is hard to believe in something that is intangible.

The life situations are often put a person into a blind alley of logical understanding. Research in the field of curing cancer, neoplasms, leukemia, asthma, mental disorders leave much to be desired.

The cause of these diseases is beyond logical explanation, only the knowledge of spiritual laws can help to clear it out: for what actions a person is punished by such an ordeal, how to correct the error and to be healed – IT IS MY PRIMARY TASK and my mission.

Knowing my possibilities, I kindly suggest you to be healed from serious illnesses, consolidating my promises by written Contract. It is hard for unsophisticated person to figure out where deception – and where the truth…  Make the necessary medical research (what kind of research – you will be notified at the consultation), its results will witness your health status BEFORE and you will repeat  your medical tests AFTER the completion of my work — you will see that THE MOST HIGH IS OMNIPOTENT AND THE LOVER OF MAN, through their servants. He shall bring healing. Disease — it is DARKNESS, it retreats to THE DIVINE STREAM OF LIGHT.

My mission is to strengthen you BELIEF in the POWER OF  THE MOST HIGH.

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