OBVIOUS — INCREDIBLEA Healer (Parapsychologist) – this is a profession, she performs her daily work, knowing her capabilities, offers her services

Sphere of Alternative Medicine presumes medicine-free method of healing. My tool of Healing is Divine energy.

Turning to me for help, please, do not forget about the positive mood — this is important. Look in the Bible; refresh God’s Laws in your memory.

By signing the guarantee agreement — Contract with you – I am sure in perfection energies of the Creator and my professionalism. MY BELIEFS DO NOT DIFFER FROM RELIGIOUS CANONS.

God is one, but the ways of religions leading to it are various. The sincere belief in «…  God — the Creator of heaven and earth, all things visible and invisible» will take you on the right path.


Functions of the human brain have been studied by science only at 30%. Think about it: what features are hidden in every one of you that keep the unexplored 70%?… They are unknown to science, and when manifested they are inexplicable and PARANORMAL.

During my healing sessions the dormant brain functions in patients are activated; It may be seen by the ultrasonic or CITTI images how tumours are decreasing, then disappear, the tissues are regenerated, rejecting the tumour mass, the sick organs restore their functions, the indices of blood tests are changed, confirming the inexplicable healing.

The representatives of the scientific circles are unable to provide some comments on my work; they can only observe the process of changing the clinical parameters, and having received the result of healing from cancer or leukemia – to go into a philosophical silence.

It makes no sense to wait for advice from a attending doctor about my method of healing — it is unknown to him, the only help from him is to give you the opportunity to follow the healing process, making the necessary tests and shots to the final result of my work, stipulated in the contract and agreed in advance finally to give a formal opinion on the result.

My abilities to heal are multifaceted, they have no space, and remote action allows you to be healed at any distance.

If you are terminally ill, do not waste precious time of your life. God created everything in this world for the healing of a man: medicinal herbs, mineral water, healing springs, geyser lakes, healing foods, healers.

It is harmful to health not to believe in the OBVIOUS THINGS.

To rely on traditional medicine, that has not completed their scientific research in any field of human health is to sentence yourself to an endless experiment in the studied by 30% area.

The result of my work is OBVIOUS. It is confirmed by medical conclusion.

The process of healing is INCREDIBLE…

Please, do not reject the incomprehensible things. Our ancient ancestors were afraid of thunderstorms, lightning, wind… They are just scared by incomprehensible things that were

inexplicable — PARANORMAL for them.

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