It won’t resolve ITSELF…

It won’t resolve ITSELFThe dysfunction of endocrine system leads to a number of serious diseases of the psyche, metabolism, chronic inflammation, infertility, tumour growth...

What kind of monster is it? Let’s look at the medical encyclopaedia.

«The endocrine system is the communication connection, which regulates impulses, emotions and basic needs; stimulating tissue growth, sexual orientation, produces energy for growth and tissue regeneration.»

In my opinion, stress is the reason of disorders in endocrinology.

Stress is lack of understanding of this or that situation, the inability of the psyche to accept it as a reality at the moment of incomprehension. The endocrine system generates the flow of negative emotions, since there are no meeting of usual requirements, living conditions, and other relationships with friends, changing food, another social level, etc… Organism, being held down by negative emotions, emits negative energy, inhibiting the immune system, it becomes vulnerable to viruses and infectious diseases. Lack of healthy energy to maintain healthy tissue and cell growth leads to metabolic disorders, further release of negative energy and as a result — to the uncontrolled rise, sprawl and the generation of the negative cell formations (tumours).

One cannot underestimate the process of adapting to any given situation. If you feel that your mind can not cope, nervousness, apathy, increased or decreased appetite, fatigue or hyperactivity, drowsiness or insomnia, menstrual disorders, impotence, headaches, hair loss begins – you may be sure that you do have stress.

The result of all scientific research in modern medicine leads to a sad conclusion — «The causes and ways of endocrine diseases are not completely revealed» (Medical Encyclopaedia).

My alternative view is based on the unique ability to see the man radiated energy, give a precise definition of the causes of the disease, eliminate the negative, to heal the patient.

Traditional medicine in this area is powerless. Medical specialist, having done clinical research, will come to a diagnosis as to the consequence, not knowing how to get rid of the cause. You will be offered a long curing course, slowing tumour growth and uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal tissues. They will put you under surveillance, how, with what rate a tumour develops, surgery will be offered if it grows maximally. The tumour will be removed, sometimes along with the organ.

If it were effective, then why not? But the cause remains; there is guarantee for repeated growth of tumour, or any disease of endocrinology in a more aggressive form.

«The growth of abnormal cells and the reason for its appearance are uncontrollable.» (Medical Encyclopaedia)

From the point of view of a parapsychologist the problem of endocrine system is solved by removing the cause — liberation of the body from the concentrated negative energy, which is localized at the site of manifestation of pathology.

I cannot save people from stressful situations, but the memory of negative emotions that cause stress — yes! Here, the traditional medicine is powerless.

Your memory is subject to your will, but the emotional memory of past events will be carefully stored in the subconscious instinct of your save. There is a paradox — an organism is able to destroy itself if it has a large concentration of negative emotions that radiate destructive energy.

Your survival instinct with the repetition of this situation, is similar to that stress, you will feel similar emotions, feelings, making you understand what is happening and accept reality as it is, without stress. But if the event is forgotten again, not understood, willpower sidelined — the stress will be repeated, the problem will aggregate and will lead to serious diseases. It will straighten itself out, will not disappear…

You need help, an alternative view, if the medicine is powerless. Life is precious, appreciate it! Ask for help, I guarantee the outcome – healing in a written form.  The earlier you apply, the sooner you will get rid of the problem. Do not engage in self-deception: «Maybe it will resolve itself …» You just lose your precious time. When knowing the forecast of a specialist — doctor about surgery, you have to prepare yourself to changes in life and health, not for the better. What for? There is a way out. Stay healthy, keep all your organs, you do not have anything extra, every organ plays its indispensable role in the life and health.

As a result of my work the functions of the endocrine system are restored, the rehabilitation of all functions will commence, the body will start to reject the diseased tissues, the damaged ones will be restored. Please, get rid of the tumour, it is like a parasite feeds by your energy, takes away life.

Give yourself a chance to live fully!

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