“Celibacy Crown”

“Celibacy Crown”Loneliness is burden, and the people in old age are not in a hurry to agree with it. Young beautiful girls, endowed with the subtlety of nature and the sharpness of mind, often cannot find a spouse, loneliness is at their heels, leaving a trail of disappointments of the past years…

My girl-friend, neighbour, relative — all got married, everyone is happy in her own way… What is the secret of their charm? The destiny has prepared an unusual joke for the proud beauty? Men, like enchanted, avoid her, preferring the «small gray» girlfriend. Witchcraft, curse? The reason of a lady’s loneliness is her ailment. Even the most minor disorder of adrenal or thyroid function would entail a depressive, mental attitude, low immunity of the urogenital system and frigidity. A man feels weak fluids of a female patient and the instinct for reproduction will make him selecting healthy woman. He will find her more attractive and desirable; these are instincts that bring the opposite sex together, exciting and leading, through mutual understanding, to deep feelings.

Undoubtedly, the cause of bad health can be Hex,  Evilwishing,  Stress may be, side effects of medical products, the effects of colds and viral diseases are not excluded. The healer will see the breach of the outer layer of Aura in the form of black rings around the waist and will make a conclusion about severe Hex, such an outline of energies’ violation determine the name «Crown of celibacy.»

Please, do not reassure yourself by ineffective desire to get rid of the «crown of celibacy» fast without being healed from the disease of genitourinary system or tumour. Medicinal products will not solve the problem, but will only aggravate, weakening the immune system of women by antibiotics and increasing depressive background by hormonal remedy. The attractive women’s energies are concentrated in the area of the adrenal glands, around the waist — «Ring of the Venus”, a violation of these energies is -» a crown of celibacy. «Their healthy functions form a magnetic field of fluid layer of women of reproductive age. This is the very same call of nature, a sign from above, undercover signal of spiritual Essence about finding your soul-mate.

You are not lucky in marriage, are you? You cannot get married? You have disorders of menstrual cycle, the doctor discovered a cyst or a fibroma? — Do you have «CROWN OF CELIBACY»? Your personal life is not formed or may be destroyed. You face a spiritual loneliness.

I suggest to get rid of the physical and spiritual loneliness, to heal from an illness, to remove the «Crown of celibacy», to restore all the functions of the genitourinary system and gird yourself with «Ring of Venus — the Goddess of Love and the patronage of the Virgin.

For two decades I heal women from inflammation processes, cysts, fibroids, polyps, disorders of menstrual cycles. I restore the reproductive functions in men and women for the healthy continuation of their kind. I strongly do not recommend to use hormonal drugs for treating the infertility or tumours or to resort to the artificial insemination; THE CHILDREN AFTER SUCH THERAPY ARE BORN ILL, as a result of such hormonal therapy their mothers have disturbed psyche, tumours are growing, oncology develops. My caution is not groundless, I face the similar cases very often…

Disease – it is a Sign from Above about the severity of Karma, which a child, born without the protection of divine, cannot endure, and parents will suffer the Divine punishment for Arrogance and the creation of an Idol in the land — a doctor.

By offering the healing – I suggest cleansing of Karma from the generic sins. Love spells, charms and similar techniques of black magic will not bring Happiness in marriage — a marriage will fall apart in six months, a year, at most! A bewitched husband would leave you and join the society of his favourite woman — it will happen for sure, please, do not doubt. Go to your happiness via a road of healing from sins and not through the sin road with black magic, love spells and arrogance.

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