The cost of inaction

The cost of inactionEndocrine system disorder leads to a number of serious diseases. The first symptoms are weakness, fatigue, trouble sleeping, irritability, aggression or apathy.

Number of serious events in life leads to stress. In order to recover from it for ones it is good enough to relax in tranquil surroundings, for the others with weaker immune systems, stress is the beginning of endocrine disorders and it imperceptibly turns into a depressive background.

The relatives observe how a person begins to change his/her character, not for the better, he becomes apathic, lethargic, sleepy, sensitive and vulnerable. Endless complaints about the life and weakness, complete inactivity, justified by reluctance and weakness.

Business at work, home dwindle, deteriorated relationships with colleagues and loved ones. Negative evaluation of people and events makes it impossible to solve a particular problem at work, at home, among friends. Weakness leads to inaction. Problems are piling up, do not give a chance to sleep quietly, insomnia starts — the cause of a mental disorder, compulsive thoughts about the problem or person are swarming in the head, nightmares hamper sleeping. Palpitations, shortness of breath, sweaty palms, increase or decrease of body weight – it is stress again. At this stage of the disease panic begins, self-preservation instinct impels a person to search for solutions to problems.

Questions arise:

What is wrong with me?

Why am I no longer lucky in my personal life and at work?

My friends and close relatives avoid me.

I need to see a doctor.

Having listened to you attentively, a family doctor offers a sedative or sleeping pill. Blood tests are normal, all images are clean.

Comments of a specialist of traditional medicine are based on the average statistical laboratory standards. Individuality is ignored, the problem is not solved and all symptoms remained.

Maybe it is hex, curse, whammy?

The practice of parapsychologist showed that the disease can be cured completely. At the first meeting, as a doctor, I explain you by what deviations in the blood test the healing can be observed, as a parapsychologist I disclose the reason, determine the extent of work and offer a healing course, taking into consideration the personality.

Your health will improve even during my work on sessions, the symptoms will go away one after another: sleep will be restored, irritability will disappear, you will be surprised to see how the rhythm of the heart is restored, shortness of breath goes away, dark obsessions disappear, a desire to communicate with people appears, the problems at work and at home will start to be solved, a good mood will give positive emotions.

Please, make the effort, overcome inaction, cast away the dark thoughts, take care of your health! Do not let the disease to draw you into the maelstrom of adverse events and serious illnesses.

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