PRESCRIPTION FROM A FAILUREFor the average man the problems of a global nature are unpredictable, their solutions are not subject to him, it is necessary to rely on fate. The media bring sad predictions on status of the global economy, political instability in general and environmental disasters. Messages on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and tornadoes are crowned with promises of possible hostilities in the Middle East… a person receives an endless stream of negative emotions on a daily basis not only from television, newspapers and scandalous news on the internet, but also at work, in public places, on the roads . Overloading of the psyche is quite natural and understandable, stress from expectations and consequent tragic perspectives; deterioration of living conditions, is scary, makes it impossible to make rational decisions, reduces efficiency, leads to depression, mental and physical ailments.

How to cope with the difficulties, to manage everything, do not get sick, to endure the load of responsibilities, to pass, crawl, reach the goal?

No, it won’t work and the only thing that you can reach in this stress mode is mental illness and loss of your performance capability. Arrogance gives rise to Fear to the unpredictability of your future. Inexperience of the people in knowledge of the history of political and economic laws gives a chance for mass media to zombie the psyche by panic mood, to manage and manipulate the opinions of the Arrogant person. Ignorance of spiritual laws, cause and effect gives rise to panic, crowned by a lack of faith in the power of the Creator.

Restless sleep, irritability, conflicts at home and at work, unstable blood pressure are the first symptoms and signs of mental and emotional disorders.Please, make a pause, let your psyche rest. Everyone has his/her own truth and justice in this world, stop their search, just live. Live in love without suffering, take the people as they are or leave them. In the earthly incarnation we are all imperfect, we come into this World for self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

Make it a rule of thumb:

— to watch and read the news once a week at most;

— while reading, please, do not abstract the heard or described events in the pictures of terrible catastrophes: doomsday, default, bankruptcy, please, keep your imagination for more positive emotions;

— chat with your child, read him a fairy-tale, talk to your wife or husband about plans for next weekend, remind yourself and loved ones that you love them;

— schedule your communion with nature once a month;

— for viewing movies choose the positive, try to reduce the stress factor.

I do not recommend to resort to such methods as relaxation and anti-depressant drugs and especially to alcohol; it is an addiction, causing habit- forming; relaxation techniques, — the dependence on them will cause to work for drugs to the end of days or become an alcoholic, that also will require significant material costs… Do not forget you have relatives and loved ones, they will miss you; a drug addict and alcoholic will dissolve in autism, bring pain, suffering and disgust…

You cannot get out of stress on your own, without drugs and alcohol? I suggest healing from mental and emotional tension and stress – without medication for a few sessions, without the danger of drug – addiction. Arrogance or Self-sufficiency will direct your choice? Take to the ancient method of healing and your health more seriously. Good health is the main contributing factor in the method of achieving any goal for sake of which it suffers. A patient who has reached the goal of material prosperity, does not experience the expected happiness – he/she feels a fatal injustice to himself/herself, but it is only his/her fault for which he/she should be blamed: the choice was dictated by the Arrogance to the inverted system of values: «All to get and nothing to spend…”

Take attention to yourself on time, do not run stress – these are the root cause of several incurable by classical medicine diseases. «Free cheese only in a mousetrap…»

I have a unique ability to relieve mental and emotional stress by touchless method and without hypnosis, adopting a psyche to a stressful situation — to remove stress, to deliver you from the feeling of Fear, thereby enabling a person to take the right decisions and to cope with the load of responsibilities for achieving the goal.

It’s beyond me — to change the severe circumstances of your life. I offer to restore your health, then your attitude to the circumstances will be changed and there will be forces that would change them, choosing Self-sufficiency…


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