A doctor with a pill or a healer with a prayer?

A doctor with a pill or a healer with a prayer?Dismal uselessness of medicinal method of treatment is well known but its consequences are even more grievous. It would seem what harm an analgetic agent, antibiotic or contraceptive hormone may cause? Headache, coughing showed up? Please, take a tablet and you are “well”, but headaches become for some reason more frequent and cold and infectious diseases are getting chronic. Neither analgetic agent nor antibiotic do cure it but have only temporary impact on the immunity or receptors. The reason of pain or inflammation is not removed and most often transfer into the chronic form with recurrent exacerbations.

Got married, failed to get pregnant… take a hormone –“inoffensive” additive to the missing hormones, a doctor keeps silence about that fact that future mother  has insufficient hormone due to the reduced immunity and there is a danger of having a child with a weak immune system or oligophrenia (mental retardation) – “a surprise will be later…” for the parents but paediatrician will “pick up the relay race baton” of an idol as a tribute… After such pregnancy the future mother will be provided with dysbolism and all sequential consequences: dysfunctions of kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, anaemia, excess weight, depressive background etc…  Health will be worse and worse but the meetings with a doctor will be more frequent. Mum and her child will eat lots of pills – a Klondike for a pharmacy.

A status of a doctor for a patient changes gradually to a status of free but more favourite Idol. There was no sense in visiting a doctor but how much time it takes “to take care” of your health? You need to love yourself… To be sick and to be treated continuously, being well aware of uselessness of your pursuit-It is hobby at the best… If you are disappointed by an attending physician –you may change and select another one and a patient — inhabitant feels like an idol… Overcrowded hospitals with long lines of patients to various specialists, eventually each of them will give you a tablet, later on will offer you to eliminate something, it will turn out that the pill did not work – you’ ll get invalidity with piles of pills in addition… The warrantee for treatment or successful outcome of operation? You’re crazy, aren’t you? Please, be grateful that so much attention was paid to you!!!  You were sure that this medicine will help YOU and YOU are an exclusive patient – a doctor gave you a hope referring to the statistics data that this medicine is the newest and most effective… Authority of a doctor — a white doctor’s smock impacts the inhabitant effectively: you cannot imagine that you need to ask the description of the recommended drug and to clarify its consequences… Have a look how many personnel are dealing with you, since you wanted more attention to yourself… Arrogance, being in raptures, was making and creating “your Idol” (“thee any graven image”) – doctor and illusion in the form of struggle for health by means of a pill – in your consciousness and soul… Don’t you forget that it is nearly all free? Was it really free…? A human being is a proud, primordially lazy and therefore silly creature. All mistakes are made owing to Arrogance and gregariousness of our ancestors “everyone goes there and I will rush there” and is it right or not? – nobody cares, a few people think about it trying to scrutinize and realize the situation.  That’s why not so many self-sufficient and healthy people around, they are not tormented by gregarious feeling, they evolve, their kids are well, they are facing life…

I kindly offer you medicine-free method of healing from incurable by medicine diseases, writing these lines with expectations to reach and find a feedback from common sensed patients. Please, stop killing yourself by medicine and cut you in pieces, artificial conceiving of sick children by means of pills. Life is so beautiful! Being well you may earn money, when you are ill, you may only spend your money… I am well aware of the patient’s distrustfulness and suspiciousness: anti-advertising against alternative method of treatment in the form of charlatans and by non-acceptance by doctors, everything works good: both are doing everything nearly free of charge but no guarantees. A doctor may give you a pernicious pill: probably, you could feel a little bit better from it…

A headache, cold and infectious symptoms, infertility etc. this is a result of depressed stress, hex, evilwishing or hereditary predisposition to a disease, the immunity. Any medical product plays a role as an additive, atrophying functions of organism, causing addiction and dependence.

The action of medicine may be compared with impacting of gypsum on a muscle: a fracture knits well for two-three weeks but a muscle dries out, atrophies and restores its functions in three months. In the same procedure a medical product atrophies a weak immunity, killing a virus or bacteria. If the immunity in not able to restore before the next virus or bacteria gets into the organism, the disease will manifest in more aggressive form and antibiotic of more destructive strength will be required. Thus apatient gets into an endless whirlpool of diseases and taking medical products. The immunity from the very beginning weakened by stress or hex cannot restore its functions, if it is initially operating in full swing neither virus nor bacteria may be dangerous for it, it could overcome itself… The antidepressants, psychotropic and hormonal drugs work in a similar way by suppressing functions being already weakened by stress and hex of psyche.

A medicine-free method of healing is based on full rehabilitation and strengthening of functions of the weakened immune system and suffered organs. The healing excludes side actions and addiction, eliminates the cause of supressed immunity or psyche – Hex, Stress, Evilwishing, Impact of Karma. Side action: no need to visit a doctor, only to fetch the control blood tests and images – you should pay for the visit here, there is no insurance coverage. Healing is a medicine-free method and does not require any insurance coverage since there are no side actions… It is impossible to ensure the insurance of the healing process — the process is not studied and abnormal. If the healing exists the person will be healed, if it does not exist there will be no healing and everything will stay as is before, but in both cases a healer is not able to do some harm action. A medicinal method brings only harm for body and soul! I paralyse suspiciousness of the patient by entering into guarantee contract for healing a disease. You will confirm yourself the fact of being healed and recovery by making control blood tests and images prior to the beginning of the healing course and on its completion – it is a main term and condition of a contract.

If you are still under the influence of medical product for over one month, please, be aware of the fact that you got under its dependence (addiction)! I do not recommend you to withdraw the medical product without control of a specialist, self –treatment leads to more severe consequences! When applying to me for assistance I request you to familiarise me with a list of medical products you take, duration of their usage and their doses. By rehabilitating the functions of the immune system and psyche I will gradually without any side actions relieve the drug addiction and under the supervision of a doctor we shall reduce the dose and later on remove the medical product at all.

Healing from the illness will give you one more chance for selection of the right way to self-sufficiency, longevity and health – medicinal method of treatment will offer perspectives of severe diseases, endless waste of money for pills, operations, professors and illusion of temporary rehabilitations followed by more severe exacerbations…


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