“Good, which is originated from the Lord is in our hands, we should only master it. The Evil does not come from the God; it proceeds from ourselves, when we prefer it to Good”.

Hermes Trismegist.

arrogance-or-self-sufficiencyARROGANCE OR SELF-SUFFICIENCY?

Arrogance is a karma flow of negative energy of antiworld. The destructive negatively charged power flow absorbs the power of aura like a collapsar. It reduces the biological and psychological human protection, transforming his/her biochemical and ideational process.

It penetrates like a virus into biological field and misbalances the seventh chakra energies – psyche, endocrine system, cerebral cortex (cortex cerebri) functions.

THE PROCESS OF DISTRUCTION of endocrine system’s functions leads to disbolism and cellular mutation (tumour).

During the formation of sin emotion the negative flow transforms into rougher fluids – vampiric essence, introduces and acquires the material structure in the process of formation of tumours and as a parasite is fed by vital force of impacted organs and causes their dysfunctions.

A human being per se is a creator of his/her Heaven and his/her Underworld; there are no eviler demons than his/her recklessness”.

Eliphas Levi (“Rityel” page 383.)

Arrogance is Essence, demon. Via negative emotion it runs the thinking, seducing a man for his platonic glorification (exaltation), making illusions — self-deception of ephemeral prosperity as a maximum achieved purpose brings to madness, suicide or severe diseases.

Arrogance is mother of all negative emotions, as madness it is multifaceted and convincing and contagious as an epidemics.

It distorts perception of the world of infected mind by easy trophy, forming the reversed systems of values for an egocentric.

A sin subordinates a human will, adopts psyche to the reversed systems of values, making disharmony of feelings and rational thinking, exhausting the vital energy of soul and body.

An illusion of ephemeral prosperity takes away from the course of life predestinated by the Creator.

“No superior Law than action according to your Will”.

Alister Crowly

Superiority of the Creator in the harmony of Universe, everything occurs according to HIS design and will – for sake of harmony preservation:

— A man is given a free choice in definition of Will: subordination or resistance to the emerged illusion “I AM CLEVERER” through to curb his/her passions to magnify himself/herself, to feel negative emotion and realize the reason of events based not on his/her own experience of practical result TO BECOME SUPERIOR but on the dominat of desire – “to have more and therefore to be superior”.

How to distinguish Sin of Arrogance from Self-Sufficiency and not to hurt a Magnanimous and Wise man?

The model of perception and formation of emotions are transferred by Karma genetically, with this message of Antiworld the Creator provides a man an alternative in Will’s definition:

— To become HIS image and likeliness or to stay as spiritually deprived creature;

— To get an opportunity to acquire Wisdom, Self – Sufficiency and Health as a Blessing of CORRECTLY CHOSEN COURSE OF LIFE;

— Or Illusion of Grandeur (Greatness) marked with severe diseases as a Sign of sin and selection of COURSE OF LIFE TO SELF-DESTRUCTION.

An arrogant man may be rich, but completely with a lack of HEALTH whereas Self-Sufficient will possess material and spiritual welfare filling his life with Happiness and Health as a reward for Wisdom.

“A Madman said by his heart: “there is no God”, they had been perverted, committed filthy acts”.

The Old Testament.

The Arrogance is kept in the feeling of Fear, awareness of own inferiority. The Fear of being revealed in ignorance and idleness to learn the things from your own mistakes, to protect by Haughtiness accompanied by irritation, psychoses or Flattery, Offence with tears and insomnia.

The life circumstances will be different from those you would like to have, everything will be mixed up, intertwined with deception and suffer and will commence to slide to Depression as into dark cold well…

An arrogant man will never be quiet by his soul, he is sick as much as he feels dissatisfaction by the circumstances and self-satisfaction.

The only rescue is self-examination of actions, awareness and acknowledgement of made mistakes by him not to repeat them again.

“Destination of feelings is to provide an experience for a man”.


Who out of the Arrogant people can acknowledge that he/she is unhappy in marriage with a person whom he/she does not love?

Will an arrogant man have enough courage to accept that he commits Sin of Adultery with a spouse cheating her/him by Flattery, to have enough Courage to acknowledge this Lie?

Greediness –it is also a child of Arrogance — will become the reason for Fear, a greedy person is always weak-willed, envious and evil, will he refuse from parasite existence for sake of acknowledgment of his Sin?

For self-confirmation of own sin an Arrogant Man will calumniate, trying to make the surrounding people as he himself, it is calmer for him: HE is not the only one like this”.

A sin of arrogance, incarnated in actions and disease – it is a human consciousness transformed by vampiric essence of Antiworld.

An arrogant man will not miss a chance to be with a person he loves, but the latter doesn’t love him.

It is easy to manipulate the person who is in love, to saturate the energy with his Love, to live by fruits of his Wisdom… .

“Although Devil cannot make nature, he can make it in this way that something looks not like it was”.

Nicold (De Ia Lycanthropie» page. 65).

Spirit – patron of an arrogant man is a demonic essence, vampire, it will produce a flow of negative energy for the unhappy man feeding the mutated conscience and flesh destroying the healthy one and consuming its energy.

The seventh chakra is a crown of being, and arrogant man’s chakra will be closed from divine flow of antiworld’s energy.

To survive he has to take the vital forces via sufferings of the people who love him. Extracting the vital forces from other people an arrogant man gives himself to feed the vampiric essence.

The vampire is materialized in the body of an arrogant man by manifestation of mutation of blood composition, tumours and conscience, killing his body; he does not give opportunity for his soul to execute the Divine mission: TO BECOME SUPERIOR…

«Everyone will be requited as much as twenty times against the committed action”.

The Bible.

The Earth life and Love are Divine Gift, energy of vital forces, but it is unpardoned sin of ADULTERY, DECEPTION and THEFT to accept it via fraud and suffering…

An arrogant man will never realize that he is sinful and got punished by disease, he will be looking for the guilty persons, slander those people who told him the truth, he will deceive himself, his close friends and relatives and grumble at the God.

The Fear to lose his ephemeral health created by illusion of medicine trap and material welfare as a result of self- realization for the incarnation of Arrogance will make him to lie, flatter and be scared.

The Divine origin is SOUL will start to torture with desire to be free from Fear: You will get Stress and Depression for sure.

Later on things are going swimmingly: depressed immune system, thyroid gland (glandula thyroidea) dysfunctions resulting in inflammation and tumour processes…

“The Lord is hidden from the human spirit, but He is open to his heart. And when saying “I do not trust in God it means like as if he says “I do not love”. And the voice of gloom responds him: “you will die since your heart rejected life”.

Sifa Dzeniuta.

We forgot about ten prohibitions of unforgiven sins… — Arrogance! The laws of the Universe are strict: Karma kills the generation slowly transferring his sin as a hereditary disease (genetically determined disease) to his children as a Sign of necessity to clean the Spiritual generation flows from negative energy.

Appropriateness of Karma is revealed everywhere:

— Father – the drunker – will have children inclined to alcoholism: it is Arrogance shoed its power to seduce easy happiness and revealed like the sin of GLUTTONY…

— Single mother will transfer her sin to her daughter and foster her proud;

— Mother working as street walker will bring up street walker daughter – Arrogance runs the mind and seduces in a sin of ADULTERY – hormonal dysfunction will become a sign of a sin …

— Parents infected by a sin of gluttony will have greedy and sick kids; in this case “child” of Arrogance GLUTTONY reproduces in GREEDINESS, ENVY…

— Mother who had multiple abortions will have infertile and ill daughter: Karma destroys generation, provides infertility leading to disappearance of generation… The kids conceived with medicine cannot see the Creator since their Creator is their doctor …

— Parents, who made for themselves a graven image, will have a sick child with brain tumour;

— Children having marrow diseases will be born due to the incestuous marriages.

“In his arrogance an hypocritical person disregards the God: “he will be forgiven” in all his thoughts: “No Lord!”.

(Psalm 9).

Self-sufficiency is generously repaid by “Good Health and Long Life…” it is Magnanimous and Wise, carries noble quietness, assurance in judgment for searching the Truth and actions approving it.

A man constantly busy with self-cognition is improved, being developed physically and spiritually.

He has a goal for self- realization; it gives a Hope, desire to live better, to love him and those ones who is precious for him…

“Unwise heart creates slander; non-responsibility in statements, injustice, quarrels, angry words…”.

(Para. 10:18; 18:2; 19:1; 20:3; 29:11).

How many Holy Scripts are required for the Arrogant man?

He goes to Temple to highlight his selectivity (elite), murmurs a pray not going into its gist, dressed as per all regulations and his face demonstrates his humility.

“Humility” – what a word pleasing the ear of an Arrogant man! It is so nice to accuse the Creator in his disease; it is not worth saying it!

Are you ashamed, did you get scared? No, you are pleased and feel comfortable.

No necessity “to dig” in your soul, one may self-affirm in Arrogance by illusion that an Arrogant man fulfills the will of the Lord by humility with self-definition in sinful selection, and there is no mistake in his selection of action that caused the disease.

How and in what way could an Arrogant man think, is there anybody else on the Earth, who is cleverer and cleaner than him? Why is he ill? What for does the Creator punish “his just man”?

The doctors are helpless, the healers are all charlatans, the Priest appeals to contrition, but he has already repented and acknowledged 100 times that he is sinful… In what does he feel sinful?

The priest will name the sins according to his list; it is required only to nod and to agree…

The spiritual dogma appeals to contrition via cognition of the Truth. It is unfulfilled and unclear task for an arrogant man to acquire Wisdom within the spiritual systems of values.

“What is the most dangerous thing for a man? – He himself”

From ancient wisdom.

The epidemics of Arrogance moves the ideas of the entire states, runs the ill mind of religious and party fanatics making the illusion of selectiveness and rights for dominance, leads to wars.

The psychic energy of egocentric mentality transformed by Arrogance of Mind of the entire peoples creates karmic flows adversely impacting the bio fields of the Earth, destroying the cities and towns by earthquakes, floods and volcano eruptions.

The force-majeure, ecological calamities, wars and virus infections are a fruit of proud ill mind and egocentric actions of the mankind.

Prior to accusation of others in your unhappiness and misfortunes, defamation of the people surrounding you and grumbling at the Almighty, please, look into your soul, try to analyze the reason and consequence of your actions. Please, ask YOURSELF a question: Why am I sick or unhappy?

And you will reach the reply having realizing its gist: — It’s my fault, my decisions are wrong; I was guided by egocentric desire and ill self- opinion “I KNOW EVERYTHING” …


Donara Yan 23.05.2010.

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