PAYOFFPayoff for committed sin is payment for healing. By providing healing a healer does the spiritual job that a patient failed to do for decades and sometimes for the entire life of a sinful ancestor.

How does a disease show up in a person? The way of sinful activities is long: the sinful way of life roots itself gradually (every day, every year) creating the material system of values.

There is no place for spiritual cognition and reflection on one’s deeds if a profit is a result of these deeds. When committing an unethical act one does not realize that he/she sins but for sake of money he/she makes his/her choice.

Example: A temptress is aware of her sin of adultery but justifies it illusion of hopelessness and later on she will be surprised by her gynecological disease or infertility of her daughter.

How many people were cheated by her for sake of money? What does her female wisdom consist of that will be transferred to her daughter along with a sin?

Punishment for deceived expectations, love failure and stealing a life from that person who trusted her is disease.

“A fox fell into a trap” but she won’t burden her memory about her past, she will rush to the doctor’s offices and her illness will only aggravate…

She cannot understand that her illness is a sign and she should change her life style – and doctors will “cure’ her according to her laws: castrate her free of charge.

She wanted to get everything free at all times, but she never did anything free.

The Almighty will reject her and Dark Angel will deprive a harlot of the sin’s instrument – Arrogance.

If she wants to realize her sin she will come to the healer with desire to clear her past from the Darkness’s energy, she will pay off by that stuff for sake of which she committed a sin – by money.

She should change herself otherwise according to the will of the Almighty Dark Angel will commence to kill her by fatal ailment, demanding to change her world perception, will clear her mind by sufferings and will take her life.

It will relieve the exhausted soul from sinful mind for the next incarnation. Paying off should be done not by money but by her life…

One more example: The greedy person will try to escape the real healer, his/her sin will persuade him/her to save some money, to cheat, trying to reach it free – money: it is so important for him/her…He/she would prefer to live the full-fledged life and there is no any will to waste money on this adequacy.

What is of more importance: money or health? The illusion of Arrogance rooted in the conscience of a greedy person.

This person will try to find all cheapest ways to recovery, and, eventually, will clarify when making some calculations that while he/she visited cheap “healers” and nearly free doctors – he/she spent the same amount that would be paid to the real one, who told the price on the spot and gave the written warrantee to fulfill healing.

The greediness made its dirty things: money was spent, the illness was not cured, plus bearing a grudge at the entire World –“all are charlatans…” and Trust in power of the Creator was shaken even more – Dark Angel will win again.

The soul tortured by the ailment will suffer again and again from the severe sin of Disbelief, the illness will aggravate and the healer’s cost of treatment will increase.

The greedy person will plunge into Grievance and create an Idol for himself – money.

Everyone knows the price of his labour: as a rule, charlatan’s price is lower; he loses nothing, simply cheating the people.

Specialist has always higher price since he is working.

Many years were spent to acquire basic knowledge, to do the work. He will give a warrantee, i.e. will take a legal responsibility.

The price does not include the scope of work.

Charlatan is not interested in the volume of work – in any case he will do nothing;

Specialist will take into account the volume of this work, he needs to calculate the time to meet the terms and conditions of the warrantee – it will be reflected on its price…

A Sin, incarnated in the diseases, is a vampiric essence of Antiworld, the Dark Angel is saturated by sinful thoughts of a patient.

He will keep his victim by temptation of greediness, making illusions of economy, taking him away from the healer.

Every day, every year a sin exercises dominion over a patient, making a loop of disease tighter: the more time a patient is in the power of Darkness the higher the Tithe of Pay off.

The healer for sin is a Light Angel taking a victim from Darkness.

Payoff for an ailment by its cost means denial of committed sin; from Dark Angel who runs a sinner’s mind.

To pay off means to take a decision to think in some other way, to turn towards magnanimity and good, to stop committing a sin or, at least, to try… .

The accepted by the healer Pay- off is a key to the beginning of healing, duty of a sinner, his request to Him about the revision of VERDICT and Perpetrating JUSTICE OF HEAVEN for HEALING: it is “our daily bread” forwarded to the healer by the Creator to carry out MISSION.

How does the healer set up price, according what laws?

The price for healing is dictated by ancient law on Tithe: Healer does not know how much a patient earns, it is impossible to deceive the Almighty – the volume of work and its duration is Tithe.

The cost of one session is determined by law of the same Tithe: from minimum average earnings in the country, in which a healer works.

The price of session is the same for all, but the price of total course is different – how much you involved in a sin, pay off should be equivalent.

The Lord is mercy, he gives a person health for a tenth part of committed action – a sin taking your life would not provide any chance…

What about Prophet, He healed free?

The Darkness does not relieve its victims who did not paid off – crucify Him, at the cross… He himself paid off by his sufferings for healed sinners, but he failed to clear the whole World… The example of sufferings of light healer , prophet, remind all the people following that way about punishment for sins…

The trespasser’s pay- off is DEFENCE of healer from attack of Dark Angel. To cheat and to steal from a healer means attraction of God’s Wrath and provision of Life to the Darkness, where there is no place for life.

If a healer agrees to heal free – he should be aware that he should pay off by his health or by the health of close to him people.

One may pay off for everything?

No way. One may pay off from disease and only on time. In most cases the people simply fail to do it…

Here is an example: A patient is ready to offer ANY PAY OFF, he is patiently searching for a healer capable to heal his ailment.

He is turning over newspaper’s pages, he does not see the required person there, he listens to the advertisements and cannot hear: no one is worthy, in his opinion, who can heal him

The Dark Angel closes his eyes and blocks his ears – the Lord will not give a sinner a chance for forgiveness for the committed actions.

That person who is unworthy will fail to find somebody, but if he manages to find him, he will not have time to do it…

One more example: the Greedy Cunning requests a healer to do it cheaper, complaining, weeping that he is penniless, no enough funds for living.

A healer sympathizes his patient generously and contravenes the Law of Tithe: Magnanimity is blessed but the Law is violated…

The healer, who knows his capacities, prescribes him a course, specifies its cost, taking into account a discount and here the Law of Tithe comes into effect: the Process of Healing begins to slow down in spite of will of Healer and desire of Patient.

Healer won’t be in time since the patient did not pay off; the improvement of his health will be equal to the amount of a sinner’s Pay off. The healer gets into a trap of his Arrogance. From now on he will work free of charge and pay off by his prosperity.

Eventually a sinner will come to get treatment and Healer will contribute Pay off instead of him. A sinner won’t be confused by such situation: from the very beginning he deceived and for his sin he will pay off by financial loss as much as twenty times of the Tithe…

In this situation according to the Laws of the Universe the Pay-off will contributed by both persons….

But what if NO MONEY AT ALL? It is not true, that’s an illusion for the people again… Money is means for existence, if you exist you have means.

Simply, you should redistribute the expenses, revise your needs, then the means for saving your life will be found immediately and money will execute its true predestination – to be means of livelihood.

If you have found the veritable Healer – please, thank the Almighty for Gift from Heavens!


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