Elena Barinov — Donara Yang (pseudonym) is a parapsychologist – space powerman having a long-term hands-on experience in Russia, Israel and Canada from 1991 up till now.

Basic education: a doctor – therapeutist (TSHMI), an extramural department of historical and philological faculty of Pedagogical University in Ulyanovsk city; a physiatrist (Israel).

From 1999 to 2007 she was a founder and leading specialist of Clinic of Alternative Medicine and parapsychology in Haifa city in Israel. The successful work as a parapsychologist in Israel for eight years afforded her an opportunity to carry out the clinical supervision owing to the hightech diagnostics in International Diagnostics Medical Center (Haifa city). The medical supervision of changes in biophysical, biochemical processes, alterations in a structure of human cells as a result of impacting the spiritual aspect of human mind aimed at functional recovery of endocrine and immune systems.

The clinical supervision, systematizing the information of blood test readings, ultrasonic scanned images; СТТ, MR  offered a chance to specify her mainstreaming in healing the severe diseases, to calculate the duration of healing course and assurance coefficients of rehabilitation and regeneration taking into account the average data.

Parapsychology — a discipline that collects, classifies and analyzes the information on paradoxical biophysical phenomena tending to fix the facts of their existence, to reveal the mechanisms for implementation of psychic super abilities by means of lab and clinic supervision sessions which are conducted confidentially. Elena uses the outcome of such medical supervision as reference books and manuals and for confirmation of her super abilities of healing as fait accompli.

Some examples of this medical supervision are presented on this site.

Elena exerts influence upon the spiritual aspects of human intellect via impacting the external field of energy and controlling this energy owing to her super aptitude for psychical activity, by achieving the unique results of healing the oncological diseases, leukaemia, tumour processes, thyroid function abnormalities .

Please, see for the detailed description of healing opportunities – list of diseases.

There is no sense to consult the representatives of conventional medicine about the healing aspects. The doctor will give you a reply concerning only the medicamental methods of treatment and their opportunities.

The Elena’s natural endowments and super faculty for healing may be only judged by final outcome of recovery on the basis of medical supervision (blood tests, urine analyses, images…).

As a rule, when encountering the fact of curing the oncological, endocrine abnormalities the traditional doctor at the best will give you no comments. The human factor works more often here and specialist in the sphere of medicinal methods may offer you an authorized declaration:

It has resolved itself

The opinion is founded again on the opportunities for traditional method of treatment –medicine, operations. The great opportunities for diagnostics do not correspond to the results of medicinal method. The opportunities for traditional medicine are quite limited.

In Israel Elena arranges private reception of patients by appointment (address).

The healing guarantees are stipulated in the Contract with a patient in a written form (sample of a Contract blank form).

To discuss the opportunities for healing the patient during consultation should have the copies of image description, if it is tumour process, all available blood test results, and list of described medicine taken during the disease.

Method of healing – no medicine, no — contact – SPACEENEOGENETICS .

As for legislation the healing activity is referred to alternative medicine. Not covered by Insurance.

To make an appointment, please, call:

Tel. (972)54-313-6096 (Israel)

Working hours: every day from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. except week-ends (Saturday).

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